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Jaymatt Secretarial Services Limited (“We” or “Us”) are pleased to accept work from the UK or abroad, providing our terms are agreed to and the work is carried out in English.


Before we undertake any assignment, a signed agreement will be required, which constitutes a client’s agreement to our terms.  Written quotations may also be provided.  If a client’s original requirements change, an amended agreement/quotation will be provided, following consultation with the client.


The client is ultimately responsible for final proof reading of all documents for correctness.  Any amendments will be made free of charge, if notified within 24 hours.


We accept no liability for the legal consequences relating to the end use of any document produced by us.  Clients are solely responsible for the legal and ethical content and correctness of the material.  We reserve the right to reject work which we believe is of illegal or immoral content.


Completed work will be submitted in the format agreed with the client, at the time of booking.  Back-up copies (electronic/hard copy) of all completed assignments, will be kept on a client’s file for a period of one year, unless otherwise agreed with the client.  After that time they will be deleted.



Clients who require assistance on an ad hoc basis will be charged accordingly at the agreed hourly rate down to the nearest six-minute unit.  An invoice will be produced on completion of the work and full payment will be required within 14 days of the date of invoicing.


If payment is not received on time, we reserve the right to charge 4% interest per month on the outstanding balance from the payment due date (14 days after date of invoice) until the date of payment.  Any bank charges which may occur as a result of returned cheques or cancelled payments are the responsibility of the client and will be recovered accordingly.


Our Retainer Scheme guarantees a defined number of hours of support.  The client is invoiced for a block of 10 or 20 or more hours at a reduced hourly rate.  Payment is due before work commences and any unused hours may roll over to the following calendar month(s) until they are used up.  The client is notified when they reach an agreed amount of hours left available, in order to purchase a further block of hours if required. 


Payment is to be made by electronic transfer or cheque if preferred.  Invoices will be in £ sterling and will include any applicable bank charges. (Clients will be asked at the time of booking which payment method they would prefer).



We take all necessary steps to protect against computer viruses.  All documents and emails are scanned by leading virus protection software and as an additional precaution we do not open any incoming emails which do not contain a subject heading or message.  Whilst we have stringent policies in place to protect against viruses, we will not accept liability for any damage or loss caused by emails or documents handled by us.



We understand the importance of client confidentiality and take all steps necessary to safeguard the confidentiality of client information at all times. Clients are guaranteed their work will be handled in the strictest confidence and will not be disclosed, directly or indirectly to any third party, nor will any information be used to benefit us.  We endeavour to protect the business interests of our clients and to demonstrate this commitment, we ask our clients to sign a contract containing a confidentiality clause prior to carrying out an assignment or work.  We are also registered with the Information Commissioner's Office.

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Jaymatt Secretarial Services Limited is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office under registration number Z2730791.

Registered in England and Wales under company number 06877505.

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